Customer Reviews

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Clark WilsonClark Wilson
18:28 04 Apr 22
Very happy!!! Chloe took great care of our lil guy, and he looks so good! Definitely recommend them.
Susan TedderSusan Tedder
10:30 15 Feb 22
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my fur babies. The Salon is a much less stressful environment for my baby and I love the expert grooms. Kimberly’s my favorite😍
Chris JohnsonChris Johnson
19:26 15 Jan 22
They do a great job with all of our furbabies. Excellent
Dale RussellDale Russell
14:46 08 Jan 22
They do a great job.
Sheilymar SanchezSheilymar Sanchez
17:52 03 Nov 21
My fur baby looks amazing! They did a great job and I already booked our next appointment.
Joanna GirardJoanna Girard
16:44 01 Sep 21
I was able to get squeezed in for a same week appointment. They did a great job and we’re super friendly. My dog usually hates going to the groomer but she was calm and didn’t look nervous at all there.
Rosemary RayRosemary Ray
16:28 27 May 21
Always a good experience with my 5 dogs.
Lori YbarraLori Ybarra
05:03 25 Feb 21
Kim has always been amazing with my two Shiz Tzu’s. I can trust that my babies are in good hands. She actually listens to what haircut you are looking for and it always turns out amazing. She is reasonably priced and genuinely cares about our babies! She does an amazing job with everything! Thank you, Kim!

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